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YOU have Promised Land from GOD!title

I was pondering in my alone-time with God about Hebrews chapter 6....

Earlier in ch.4, people are invited to enter into God's Promised Land. Jesus went to the cross in our place and bought our freedom back, anhiliating every sin and paying for them in our place.  With the Blood of the Lamb of God, us who have chosen to believe Him, are robed in Christ Jesus' Own righteousness! As this new creation in our new birth through Jesus, God has made us His children who are worthy of ALL His good benefits! No, none of us deserve it, but God IS good and His mercy endures forever!  THIS IS GRACE! "For you are saved by GRACE through faith, and this is not from yourselves (we cannot earn it); it is God's gift..." Ephesians 2:8. 

So we can see that God's desire is to give us His prosperity, His protection, His provision, His preservation, His health, and ,ultimately, living eternally with Him in heaven. THIS IS OUR PROMISED LAND!!! 

Hebrews 6 is a warning of what happens if we turn away from Him and quit following His perfect plan for our lives. Jesus had to DIE a most inhumane, unspeakable death in order to make us ,who choose Him, eligible to receive all His gifts. If anyone chooses to "throw it away", valuing it like dung, then there is no salvation for them! OF course, this is a person's own choice, like in John 3:16-21. ... Chapters 3 and 4 of Hebrews talks of this wonderful salvation through Jesus, and the result of refusing Him. It warns people not to be disobedient, and it identifies disobedience as having NO FAITH, NOT BELIEVING! I am so thankful that I chose to believe in Jesus Who bought my salvation, and now that I know of the Promised Land God has for me, I am determined to enjoy it! Are you with me?!  :)


Jesus is our example for living in this life and in this world. If we EVER are confused about what our life is supposed to look like, all we have to do is observe Jesus' life! The enemy uses confusion to keep us from living out our salvation. (Phili.2:12) In Mark 3, Jesus was angry with the hardness of the Pharisees' hearts. But notice that Jesus turned right around and did good to the man with the withered hand by healing him! I don't see Jesus remaining in a frustrated and angry state by keeping His focus on the Pharisees' hearts of stone (the negative). Instead, Jesus turned away (from anger towards their evil unbelief) in order to focus on someone who was hungry to receive from God (positive). Jesus did not allow the devil to distract Him away from the Father's will! Jesus was responding to God's love by lovingly, obediently sticking to the Father's plan. God the Father planned for Jesus "to heal the broken hearted...give sight to the blind..." (Lk. 4:18) and much more! If Jesus had acted in His flesh, He would have spent all His time and attention trying to get convince the Pharisees of Who He Is. God will always exalt us at the right time, or more specifically, when He sees that our heart is humble towards Him. Therefore, in doing the goodness of God, the works of the devil are destroyed! THIS is how evil is conquered and satan is overcome! "By the goodness of God!" (too many scriptures to name!)



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